Marisa McBride | Kaitlyn | San Marcos High School Class of 2014
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Kaitlyn | San Marcos High School Class of 2014

Meet Kaitlyn….Class of 2014. She swims, plays fields hockey, likes to take pictures and is likely off to New York for college! We had so much fun during her session. Lots of silly looks, jokes, and laughs. I just loved her confindence! Good luck to you Kaitlyn!

kaitlyn senior_0001.jpg
kaitlyn senior_0002.jpg
kaitlyn senior_0003.jpg
kaitlyn senior_0004.jpg
kaitlyn senior_0005.jpg
kaitlyn senior_0006.jpg
kaitlyn senior_0007.jpg
kaitlyn senior_0008.jpg
kaitlyn senior_0009.jpg
kaitlyn senior_0010.jpg
kaitlyn senior_0011.jpg
kaitlyn senior_0012.jpg
kaitlyn senior_0013.jpg
kaitlyn senior_0014.jpg
kaitlyn senior_0015.jpg
kaitlyn senior_0016.jpg
kaitlyn senior_0017.jpg
kaitlyn senior_0018.jpg

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