Marisa McBride | Baby Keating
Carlsbad, California Photographer | Wedding & Lifestyle Photography
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Baby Keating

I sent Lauren a text the morning she went into labor… I was just checking in to see how she was feeling and if there were any questions I could answer before our upcoming shoot.  Her words to me were….”I am feeling good, I think he is coming soon!” Not even a few hours later I got a text from her sister saying she was in labor! Just a few short hours and Keating Mac was born… Second baby boy to the family and such a joy.  Being a Mom to 2 boys,  I am partial to baby boys and especially brothers this close in age.   They are so lucky to have eachother!    I hope you enjoy this lifestyle newborn session as much as I did!
kaitlyn senior_0019.jpg
kaitlyn senior_0020.jpg
kaitlyn senior_0021.jpg
kaitlyn senior_0022.jpg
kaitlyn senior_0023.jpg
kaitlyn senior_0024.jpg
kaitlyn senior_0025.jpg
kaitlyn senior_0026.jpg
kaitlyn senior_0027.jpg
kaitlyn senior_0028.jpg
kaitlyn senior_0029.jpg
kaitlyn senior_0030.jpg
kaitlyn senior_0031.jpg
kaitlyn senior_0032.jpg
kaitlyn senior_0040.jpg
kaitlyn senior_0034.jpg
kaitlyn senior_0035.jpg
kaitlyn senior_0036.jpg
kaitlyn senior_0037.jpg
kaitlyn senior_0038.jpg
kaitlyn senior_0039.jpg
kaitlyn senior_0042.jpg
kaitlyn senior_0041.jpg
kaitlyn senior_0043.jpg
kaitlyn senior_0044.jpg
kaitlyn senior_0045.jpg
kaitlyn senior_0046.jpg
kaitlyn senior_0047.jpg

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