Marisa McBride | Makenna | Senior Portraits
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Makenna | Senior Portraits

I have to admit it…. this was my first senior session. For some reason I haven’t pushed to do them thus far…WHAT was I thinking?!?! I was giddy with this shoot… the light, the location, and of course….this girl! It truly took me back to the highschool senior days. The wonderment, the excitement, the nerves of moving away to college. It is such an impressionable time with the world at your fingertips!! Makenna was so much fun…down to earth, smart, athletic, funny, and just a pure joy to photograph. Here are a few of my favorites! Go Class of 2014!!!

makenna senior_0022.jpg
makenna senior_0001.jpg
makenna senior_0002.jpg
makenna senior_0003.jpg
makenna senior_0004.jpg
makenna senior_0005.jpg
makenna senior_0006.jpg
makenna senior_0007.jpg
makenna senior_0009.jpg
makenna senior_0008.jpg
makenna senior_0010.jpg
makenna senior_0012.jpg
makenna senior_0011.jpg
makenna senior_0013.jpg
makenna senior_0014.jpg
makenna senior_0015.jpg
makenna senior_0016.jpg
makenna senior_0017.jpg
makenna senior_0018.jpg
makenna senior_0019.jpg
makenna senior_0020.jpg
makenna senior_0021.jpg

I will now be dreaming until my next senior shoot! It was a blast 🙂 I may be addicted…..

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