Marisa McBride | Joshua Tree Styled Shoot
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Joshua Tree Styled Shoot

Last month, my friend Leslie of Leslie Anne Photofinish and I, collaborated with some incredible gals and took a little road trip to Joshua Tree. We both have always wanted to shoot there and never have, so we thought… let’s do it! It was a trek for sure, but oh so worth it! The light is incredible out there, the beauty is unmasked. It is a place every photographer dreams of shooting at and should! Thanks to all of those that made this possible and for withstanding the long drive, heat, wind, …oh and coyotes!!! Shooting something for yourself is paramount in opening up your creativity. Often times, work just becomes, well…work!! So, this was a much needed breath of fresh air.

Joshua Tree_0001.jpg
Joshua Tree_0002.jpg
Joshua Tree_0003.jpg
Joshua Tree_0006.jpg
Joshua Tree_0007.jpg
Joshua Tree_0008.jpg
Joshua Tree_0009.jpg
Joshua Tree_0010.jpg
Joshua Tree_0011.jpg
Joshua Tree_0012.jpg
Joshua Tree_0013.jpg
Joshua Tree_0014.jpg
Joshua Tree_0015.jpg
Joshua Tree_0016.jpg
Joshua Tree_0017.jpg
Joshua Tree_0018.jpg
Joshua Tree_0019.jpg
Joshua Tree_0020.jpg
Joshua Tree_0021.jpg
Joshua Tree_0022.jpg
Joshua Tree_0023.jpg
Joshua Tree_0024.jpg

Joshua Tree_0026.jpg
Joshua Tree_0027.jpg
Joshua Tree_0028.jpg
Joshua Tree_0029.jpg
Joshua Tree_0030.jpg
Joshua Tree_0031.jpg
Joshua Tree_0032.jpg






















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Clothing: Knot Sisters, Asos, Forever 21

Jewelry: Handmade by Zeah Designs

Makeup/Hair: KC Witkamp

Succulent Crown: Sweet Pea Flower Company



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