Marisa McBride | Erica & Rafael | beach engagement shoot amidst the fog | Black’s Beach, La Jolla
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Erica & Rafael | beach engagement shoot amidst the fog | Black’s Beach, La Jolla

This past weekend, I met Erica & Rafael at Black’s Beach  to shoot their Engagement photos. I was super excited all day for it because the weather had been incredible! I mean, 80 degrees in February is pretty perfect! We met at their house and started driving toward the coast and there it was… this incredibly eerie and large fog bank….and it was creeping in fast. Part of me was doing the happy dance because if you are a photographer, you know shooting at the beach in direct sunlight is kind of scary! But I was bummed for Erica & Rafael because they really wanted their shoot to be that of a So Cal lifestyle…sunny with a gorgeous sunset! Well, we got GRAY… really gray, and really really damp and somehow I found it to be incredibly romantic. I think these are some of my favorite beach images I have ever taken. Mysterious and mystical….. Congratulations you two, your love is undeniable! I can’t wait for their wedding in April!

Erica & Rafael_0001.jpg
Erica & Rafael_0002.jpg
Erica & Rafael_0003.jpg
Erica & Rafael_0004.jpg
Erica & Rafael_0005.jpg
Erica & Rafael_0006.jpg
Erica & Rafael_0007.jpg
Erica & Rafael_0008.jpg
Erica & Rafael_0009.jpg
Erica & Rafael_0010.jpg
Erica & Rafael_0011.jpg
Erica & Rafael_0012.jpg
Erica & Rafael_0013.jpg
Erica & Rafael_0014.jpg
Erica & Rafael_0015.jpg
Erica & Rafael_0016.jpg
Erica & Rafael_0017.jpg
Erica & Rafael_0018.jpg
Erica & Rafael_0019.jpg
Erica & Rafael_0020.jpg
Erica & Rafael_0021.jpg
Erica & Rafael_0022.jpg
Erica & Rafael_0023.jpg
Erica & Rafael_0024.jpg
Erica & Rafael_0025.jpg
Erica & Rafael_0026.jpg
Erica & Rafael_0027.jpg
Erica & Rafael_0028.jpg
Erica & Rafael_0029.jpg
Erica & Rafael_0030.jpg
Erica & Rafael_0031.jpg
Erica & Rafael_0032.jpg
Erica & Rafael_0033.jpg
Erica & Rafael_0034.jpg


xoxo ~ m*

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