Marisa McBride | Brittany + Corby | Married | The Crossings, Carlsbad
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Brittany + Corby | Married | The Crossings, Carlsbad

Do you ever attend those weddings where you are just surrounded by so much joy & love? I always find it funny and amazing at  how emotional I get photographing weddings.  …I find myself laughing, getting teary, smiling from ear to ear just watching them throughout the day! Brittany & Corby have an undeniable love and were surrounded by amazing (and super fun) family and friends to celebrate their marriage. Brittany grew up here, in Encinitas (turns out we played field hockey together in highschool!!), and Corby is from Nebraska. They decided to get married in Carlsbad because ….why wouldn’t you!? It was a beautiful winter day, and I am sure all of their family and friends from Nebraska are contemplating a move. Here is a sneak peak into their amazing day.

mastalir wedding_0024.jpg

makenna senior_0023.jpg

mastalir wedding_0040.jpg

I love myself a “first look”…you get to really capture the anticipation….

mastalir wedding_0025.jpg

mastalir wedding_0026.jpg

mastalir wedding_0027.jpg

mastalir wedding_0028.jpg

mastalir wedding_0029.jpg

mastalir wedding_0030.jpg

mastalir wedding_0031.jpg

mastalir wedding_0032.jpg

mastalir wedding_0038.jpg

mastalir wedding_0033.jpg

mastalir wedding_0034.jpg

One “must get” photo request from Brittany….we need a “Bridesmaid” picture… done! They were hilarious….

mastalir wedding_0065.jpg

mastalir wedding_0035.jpg

mastalir wedding_0036.jpg

mastalir wedding_0037.jpg

mastalir wedding_0041.jpg

mastalir wedding_0042.jpg

mastalir wedding_0043.jpg

mastalir wedding_0044.jpg

mastalir wedding_0045.jpg

mastalir wedding_0047.jpg

mastalir wedding_0048.jpg

mastalir wedding_0049.jpg

mastalir wedding_0050.jpg

mastalir wedding_0051.jpg

mastalir wedding_0052.jpg

mastalir wedding_0053.jpg

mastalir wedding_0054.jpg

mastalir wedding_0055.jpg

mastalir wedding_0056.jpg

mastalir wedding_0057.jpg

mastalir wedding_0058.jpg

mastalir wedding_0064.jpg

mastalir wedding_0059.jpg

mastalir wedding_0039.jpg

mastalir wedding_0060.jpg

mastalir wedding_0061.jpg

mastalir wedding_0062.jpg

mastalir wedding_0063.jpg

Venue:  The Crossings, Carlsbad

Dress:  Maggie Sottero ~ from Black Tie White Satin (Fremont, NE)

Florals: Urban Garden Floral (Encinitas, CA)

Make-Up:  Stacey Schannon

DJ:  Allen Walker Entertainment

Coordinator:  Lindsay Bockoven (The Crossings)

Candy Buffet:  Candy Girl Candy Buffets

Photo Booth:  Pixter Photo Booth


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