Marisa McBride | About
Carlsbad, California Photographer | Wedding & Lifestyle Photography
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Meet Marisa


I want to meet you and tell your story.  But first… you should know who I am!

What makes me tick…

  • My family…supportive and comical husband, hysterical and very active boys, and the one eyed black lab that can’t get enough love…I understand chaos like no other.
  • The ocean…I love it almost more than anything.. yes, I am a surf junky.  So, if there are waves, everything goes on the back burner.
  • My “other” career as a Dietitian… I still work 2 days a week at Pomerado Hospital.  Don’t worry I am not one of those food freaks, I will still bribe your kids with candy.  (and it may even be non organic!!)
  • My twin sister…gosh I feel blessed to say that.
  • My photography…This was a passion that turned into a business.  I am self-taught and I am sure some people think that doesn’t make me a “real” photographer, but you know what?!   I have practiced, read, attended workshops and researched.. A LOT… my passion shows through in my work.
  • A favorite quote..”In order to be who you are, you must be willing to forget who you think you are.”   It comes from my favorite book by Michael Singer, “The Untethered Soul.”  Read it…  It will change your life and make you happy
  • My favorite things…. my pink Rainbow sandals, my surfboard, my wedding ring (which is now at the bottom of the ocean…not cool), my 1973 VW Squareback (nostalgia makes me smile),  my nana’s vintage rocking chair, my 85mm 1.2 lens (it is my 3rd baby) and of course my family

My favorite photographs are when there is a good belly laugh, a tear, a crinkled nose, and just you being you.